Entrepreneurship Education Specialist


     The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) strengthens democracy around the globe through private enterprise and market-oriented reform. CIPE is one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy, and is an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce. Since 1983, CIPE has worked to build the political, market and civic institutions vital to a democratic societies and private sector led economies. CIPE’s key program areas include anti-corruption, public governance reform, support of civil society, property rights, economic empowerment of at-risk communities, and opening political space in closed societies.  


     Through ongoing partnerships with the U.S. and Australian governments, CIPE is implementing a cutting-edge women’s economic empowerment program in Papua New Guinea. To help create a broader “entrepreneurial ecosystem” CIPE is operating a Women’s Business Resource Centre (WBRC) in Port Moresby, working with PNG universities to create new educational curriculum on entrepreneurship, and supporting PNG women’s business organizations. The WBRC is housed at:  


Century 21 Building  

Lot 51, Section 35, Kunai Street, Hohola  

(PO Box 599)  

Konedobu, NCD  



     The WBRC serves as a resource hub for women of all backgrounds, from university-educated women with an interest in starting a business to women with limited formal education with a desire for basic skill development. The WBRC offers training and professional education workshops, access to information, mentorship programs, and coworking space so that women entrepreneurs can quickly access the resources needed to thrive, especially as they recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19. To meet WBRC members’ growing desire for more customized and advanced content, CIPE envisions the WBRC to be a laboratory for innovative programming and tailored entrepreneurship content, organized into higher-level fee-based certificate courses, free basic entrepreneurship and learning courses, WBRC membership inclusive of events and services, and other revenue-raising business enhancement services. 


     CIPE is currently in the process of registering the WBRC as a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centre for Entrepreneurship. The impetus to register the WBRC as a TVET focused on entrepreneurship came from the demands of the WBRC users themselves. This is seen as a result of two main reasons: a natural progression of learning resulting in knowledge acquisition and demand for advanced content, as well as members’ desire for official qualification of their learnings. Efforts are underway to complete the steps required in building such a learning institution, such as developing an entrepreneurship curriculum that meets national standards, identifying local PNG facilitators and trainers, among others. The WBRC will build and expand quickly as it serves aspiring and established women entrepreneurs with increased expertise and efficiency.  

Role Summary:

     CIPE PNG is seeking a part-time Entrepreneur Education Specialist who will be responsible for leading entrepreneurship training and education development efforts at the WBRC to provide women with the skills and mindset needed to succeed and will also help to identify and build capacity of local facilitators and trainers.


Primary Duties to be Performed:


Management and Operations

  • Develop, guide, and formulate the promotion of entrepreneurship programs at the WBRC to support aspiring and established women entrepreneurs as they explore, start, or grow their entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Manage entrepreneurial development programming, including curriculum design, learning resources, and toolkits, as well as eliciting and incorporating feedback from attendees.

  • Administer and coordinate trainings to ensure facilitators and trainers are adequately equipped to properly and deliver highly engaging and effective educational programming.

  • Ensure the WBRC’s entrepreneurship education catalog meets the learning needs of WBRC users by utilizing feedback and data gathered from users to make evidence-based decisions.

  • Assess local and national business trends and needs of the women entrepreneurial community to ensure relevant and forward-thinking programming.

  • Assist in the curriculum design process to ensure the WBRC’s courses on entrepreneurial learning meet quality standards as dictated by local law and various industry-specific standards; provide support on the WBRC’s registration as a TVET with the PNG National Training Council.

  • Develop and suggest new or improved operations and business processes where necessary.


Interpersonal Management

  • Collaborate with facilitators and trainers to develop improved curricula, lesson plans, assessments, and workshop management techniques.

  • Build facilitator/trainer networks and encourage facilitators/trainers to share their resources and knowledge.

  • Liaise with current and potential stakeholders on WBRC entrepreneurship programming, including community trainers, partner organizations, and education experts.

  • Collaborate with the Communications Associate to effectively market programs; prepare and implement marketing collateral as required.

  • Perform additional duties related to supporting activities at the WBRC, including working with and advising Centre users, and business support programs and activities.


Administrative Duties

  • Manage administration for training workshops including, but not limited to planning and scheduling, organizing staff, marketing materials, and ensuring consistency and delivery.

  • Coordinate participant registration for training workshops and other events.

  • Attend and oversee events to introduce speakers, monitor accommodations, collect evaluations, and ensure event success.

  • Ensure quality data collection practices and recordkeeping of documentation related to learning opportunities provided at the Centre.

  • Provide support as needed to prepare reports and other outward facing documents.

  • Perform additional duties related to supporting activities at the WBRC, including working with and advising Centre users, and business support programs and activities.

Key Qualifications:

  • Candidate must have at least 3 years of experience in leadership development, business management or advocacy, education, or other related fields.

  • A minimum of 2 years of program management experience is required.

  • Experience or familiarity planning and executing events, including developing work plans and agendas, speaker/trainer outreach and preparation, and on-site staffing is required.

  • Experience or familiarity with curriculum development and teaching pedagogy, and demonstrated interest in business, education, technology, or entrepreneurship sectors, highly preferred.

  • Ability to work with outside partners on the delivery of educational programming.

  • Ability to handle multiple detail-oriented tasks in a fast-paced environment with limited supervision. 

  • Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to lead and work in a fast-paced, team environment.  

  • Fluency in Tok Pisin required, with excellence in English composition, writing and reporting.   

  • Proficiency in MS-Office, specifically Word, Excel, Outlook, and One Drive are required. Additionally, internet research skills, familiarity with telecommunications platforms such as Skype and Zoom are also required.   

  • Must be able and willing to travel domestically.  

  • Must be eligible to work in PNG and based in Port Moresby. 

  • Candidates with experience working on women’s empowerment, business advocacy, development, business and/or economics are strongly encouraged to apply.  




     This is an 8-month fixed-term position following successful completion of a 3-month probationary period, with the possibility of an extension pending funding.

To Apply: 

     To apply for this exciting opportunity, please submit a resume or CV, a cover letter, and two (2) references for the Entrepreneur Education Specialist position posted under “Opportunities” at www.cipe.org. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, messages, emails, or in-person inquiries please.

[PDF] Entrepreneurship Education Specialist Position Overview