Applications due: 19 March 2021



     In 2021, The Difference Incubator (TDi) and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) are offering 5 PNG-based individuals, the chance to join an 8-month advanced professional development program, to become a skilled business coach and help women-led businesses adapt to the new COVID normal.


     Successful applicants will join TDi and WBRC in coaching a total of 100 PNG businesses and will receive training, professional mentoring and 160 hours (approximately) of paid coaching.


     We are seeking prospective business coaches who have the ability to build trust and rapport quickly and support business owners to identify the real issues holding them back. The role requires excellent listening, emotional intelligence and an ability to diagnose business challenges and opportunities and support business owners to identify practical steps forward. You must have experience in business, an openness to learning new skills and a strong desire to benefit women-led SMEs.


     If you are a self-determined businessperson, motivated by the opportunity to develop your coaching skillset and/or step into a career as a professional business coach, we encourage you to apply.


    The program is being run by The Difference Incubator in partnership with CIPE's PNG Women’s Business Resource Centre (WBRC). The Difference Incubator is an Australian based business incubator that has helped hundreds of businesses across the Pacific build more sustainable and impactful businesses. Over the last 6 months, The Difference Incubator has been providing phone and video coaching (from Australia) to a select number of PNG SMEs to adapt as COVID-19 completely interrupted the business environment. This program aims to extend this coaching support to a larger number of SMEs across PNG, and simultaneously build local capability to provide business coaching.


     The WBRC, operated by CIPE, serves as a resource hub for women of all backgrounds who are interested in business, from university-educated women with an interest in starting or growing their business to women with limited formal education with a desire for basic skill development. The WBRC offers training and professional education workshops, access to information, mentorship programs, and coworking space so that women entrepreneurs can quickly access the resources needed to thrive, especially as they recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19. CIPE will work with TDi and the local business coaches to support the pressing needs of women entrepreneurs in PNG through the WBRC.

The Program

     The Local Business Coach program has four key parts:

          • Initial training – 3.5 days, with The Difference Incubator and mindset coach Kate Wilson

          • Coaching work – approx. 160 hours of paid contract work, working alongside consultants from The Difference
              Incubator to coach women-led SMEs. All coaching will be done over the phone, WhatsApp or on video platform
              like Zoom

          • Fortnightly group practice and reflections sessions – led by The Difference Incubator and mindset coach Kate
          • Refresher training - 2.5 days


     At the end of the program, you will be able to coach businesses independently and, depending on your competency, you may have the opportunity to gain contract work through the Women’s Business Resource Centre.

Program Outline and Support Provided


     The program has been carefully designed to build your capability through training, coaching and on the job learning experiences. All coaching and training will be done via Zoom. Coaching sessions with PNG SMEs will be delivered by you and a TDi consultant virtually. You will have the chance to observe and learn first, before you have to lead sessions yourself.




































     There are no fees payable for this advanced professional development program. This program has been subsidized by the Australian Government, through the PNG Australia Partnership. The total value of this program per participant is AUD$35,000.


Requirements of You

     You will need to commit to attending training and orientation, fortnightly group practice sessions, the coaching sessions (for PNG businesses) and the 1-1 coaching sessions provided by TDi and mindset coach Kate Wilson. You will also be required to document the outcomes of your coaching sessions for internal use and reporting. This represents a total time commitment of approximately 4 days a month between April and December 2021, or approximately 1 day a week.


     We will require some flexibility in scheduling. The SME coaching will be scheduled during business hours. We will most likely require a minimum of three days per week, where you could be available to provide coaching. This will enable us to more readily find a time that matches the needs of PNG business owners, yourself and a TDi consultant.


     If you are successful in your application, before you commence the program, you will need to have:

        • A registered business

        • Public liability insurance

        • Professional indemnity insurance

        • Workplace cover or similar

     You will need access to reliable internet, a computer and a phone. Familiarity with various telecommunications platforms such as Skype and Zoom is also required.



     This program includes both paid coaching and unpaid training components (as part of the subsidized professional development program).


     The Difference Incubator will pay you, as contractor, at a rate of AUD$40 per hour, for the hours you deliver as a coach. We expect this will be approximately 160 hours between June 2021 and December 2021.


     In addition, you will receive advanced professional development subsidized by the Australian Government, through the PNG Australia Partnership. You will not be remunerated for the hours associated with your professional development – i.e. orientation, training, practice sessions or when receiving coaching.


     No remuneration will be given for internet data expenses.




     We are looking for applicants who:

          • Are committed to supporting women-led businesses thrive

          • Have experience in running their own business and/or experience in a business strategy or management role

          • Are able to build trust and rapport with women business owners quickly (most of the business owners you will be
             coaching will have been running their business for 2 or more years, and have 2-10 employees)

          • Have high emotional intelligence and self-awareness

          • Understand data privacy and information confidentiality

          • Are excellent communicators in both English and Tok Pisin

          • Strong skills in Microsoft Office, specifically MS Word, Excel, Outlook and One Drive is required. Familiarity with
             telecommunications platforms such as Skype or Zoom is required.

          • Candidate must be eligible to work in PNG and based in Port Moresby.


To Apply


     To apply for this opportunity, please submit a CV, a cover letter, and two (2) references to info@tdi.org.au before application closure.

Key Dates

  • Applications open – 22 February

  • Applications close – 19 March 2021

  • First round of interviews – 1hr skills and fit interview: WC 5 April 2021

  • Second round of interviews – coaching simulation interview: WC 19 April

  • Third round of interviews – final 1-hour interview: WC 26 April 2021

  • Final offers made – WC 3 May 2021

  • Program commences: 17 May

[PDF] Local Business Coach Position Overview

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