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Training of Facilitators

training of Facilitators for msme digital literacy program

Open Call for Facilitators
CIPE MSME Digital Literacy Program


The Center for International Private Enterprise Papua New Guinea (CIPE PNG) in partnership with the PNG Women’s Business Resource Centre is pleased to announce an opportunity to participate as a facilitator for a micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) digital literacy training program. CIPE PNG seeks interested and motivated facilitators to participate in a Training of Facilitators (ToF) session and roll out a digital literacy training from November 28-30, 2023.


This digital literacy program will use CIPE’s Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy (HPDE) course, which is an interactive, online, self-paced training course, to support entrepreneurs to build their digital literacy skills, innovate, and transition their businesses online. Through this program, participants will learn how to effectively serve as a facilitator in rolling out the HPDE course to MSMEs in their respective communities. MSMEs will gain access to tailored digital literacy training to support online transition, covering developing online business plans, migrating business processes through e-commerce platforms, as well as digital rights and security.


The ToF will improve participants' knowledge and understanding of the digital economy and digital rights. The overall objective of this training is to enable the facilitators to learn relevant information related to digital rights as well as practical information such as digital literacy and transitioning micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) online so they can provide guidance to local MSMEs and civil society members to better understand these concepts and explore potential new economic opportunities that digital transformation can provide. The role of a facilitator will be to shepherd a learning experience for MSME learners where they can generate knowledge content on their own with the help of the space, flow, tools, and resources.


The Opportunity:

  • CIPE PNG is seeking facilitators who are eager to support MSMEs to take advantage of digital tools and marketing. Target participants would be entrepreneurs and MSMEs that the facilitators can monitor and mentor following their completed Training of Facilitator (ToF) sessions.

  • Based on their completion of the ToF, subsequent rollout of trainings and the completion of pre-and post-training surveys, facilitators will receive a compensation of 375 PGK.

  • Additionally, upon completion of the ToF, facilitators will be included in a list of certified facilitators for referral to interested organizations and agencies. Facilitators can use this opportunity as a credential for future opportunities.

Key Objectives of CIPE’s MSME Digital Literacy Program:

  • Train facilitators in understanding the HPDE course content and how to effectively serve as a facilitator for the HPDE course by supporting MSMEs learning and application of course content, while MSMEs take the self-paced course. Support facilitators to customize the HPDE course further in response to their community needs, and design and develop customized training plans.

  • Improve MSMEs’ understanding of digital tools and platforms, managing an online business, e-commerce, digital security, and digital marketing.

  • Cultivate a pool of local facilitators to support local private sector and civil society in understanding the digital economy and digital rights.


Key Requirements and Expectations of Facilitators:

  • In advance of the ToF session, participants must complete the following activities:
    o Complete CIPE’s 4-part online HPDE course and review reference materials and generate certificate. Each of the four modules will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete, depending on the participant’s pace.
    o Upon acceptance for this opportunity by CIPE, participants must sign the CIPE Facilitator Agreement.

  • Training of Facilitators
    o Participate in CIPE’s ToF program in November 2023 at CIPE PNG’s Women’s Business Resource Center in Port Moresby. Facilitators are required to attend all the ToF sessions in person, which include eight hours over two (2) days with an additional two hours on the third day for review.  
    - As part of the ToF, participants will be required to design and develop a customized digital literacy training plan, using CIPE’s HPDE course. Facilitators will sign a customized facilitation agreement during the ToF and will commit to implement their respective training plan by March 2024.
    o Participate in a ToF Refresher Session. Facilitators will be provided post ToF support through a refresher in January 2024 and office hours in February 2024.

  • Organize and Facilitate a Digital Literacy Program for MSMEs in One’s Community
    o Following the ToF sessions, facilitators are required to organize and provide a learning opportunity within their community of MSMEs where they will serve as a facilitator in rolling out the HPDE training. In this role, facilitators will work closely with MSMEs in their community and support their learning and application of course content while MSME participants undertake the self-paced course. Facilitators must implement their training plan by March 2024.
    o Facilitators are expected to provide guidance/coaching to their MSME learners during the rollout of the digital literacy program and conduct regular check-ins on their MSME learners’ progress.

  • Communication, Feedback Sessions, and Learning Forum
    o Facilitators are expected to provide CIPE PNG regular updates regarding the status of the training course, using the facilitator’s monitoring checklist template, to be provided by CIPE PNG during the ToF. Additionally, facilitators will gather data from participants prior to and at the end of the training to help assess participants’ learning outcomes.
    o Facilitators will also have access to a WhatsApp support chat. This channel will be managed by CIPE PNG for the implementation of the training as well as post - TOF training.
    o Facilitators will participate in a learning forum and knowledge sharing session in 2024 with CIPE PNG and will share feedback, outputs and key learning experiences of participants and the facilitation experience to help inform future training sessions.


  • Facilitators should have experience working with MSMEs and have some experience in digital transformation, online entrepreneurship, or e-commerce. They should have, at the minimum, ICT competency and digital literacy.

  •  Some experience with e-learning and helping shepherd individual learning or delivering online courses would be ideal but is not required.

  • Facilitators are required to have access to a stable internet connection once a week for the recommended hours and a laptop that they can bring and use for the training of facilitators.

  • Preference will be given to those with past experience delivering or facilitating training, as well as those with certification as a trainer.

  •  Fluency with Tok Pisin is preferred.


How to Apply:
Applicants will be required to submit a completed application package, which should include:

  1. Application form

  2. Certification of completion of HPDE course (or screengrab of farthest point reached in the module)

  3. Supporting documents showing evidence of past experience delivering or facilitating trainings

  4. Facilitation Agreement


This opportunity is made possible by the funding of the United States State Department Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights and Labor (DRL). Applications may be submitted at any time for consideration before the closing date of this announcement on November 17, 2023. The announcement of selected applicants will be made on November 22, 2023.


Deadline: Friday, 17 Nov 2023 at 4:30 p.m. (Port Moresby local time)

Submission: Center for International Private Enterprise Papua New Guinea

Attn: Lovelyn Towamwesi, PNG WBRC Manager,

Inuk Kim, Program Associate,
Audrey Schmelzer, Program Associate,


How applications are assessed: Applications will be reviewed based on an internal rubric developed by CIPE. Applicants will be assessed on:

  • Commitment to the economic empowerment of MSMEs and other marginalized groups in PNG;

  • Knowledge and experience with the digital sphere;

  • Skills and experience in facilitating trainings;

  • Exposure and familiarity with business and entrepreneurship;

  • Fluency in Tok Pisin

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