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Digital Literacy: Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy

training of Facilitators for msme digital literacy program

CIPE MSME Digital Literacy Program


The Center for International Private Enterprise Papua New Guinea (CIPE PNG) in partnership with the PNG Women’s Business Resource Centre is pleased to announce an opportunity to participate as a facilitator for a micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) digital literacy training program. Facilitators will participate in a Training of Facilitators (ToF) session and roll out a digital literacy training from December 5-7, 2023.


This digital literacy program used CIPE’s Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy (HPDE) course, which is an interactive, online, self-paced training course, to support entrepreneurs to build their digital literacy skills, innovate, and transition their businesses online. Through this program, participants learned how to effectively serve as a facilitator in rolling out the HPDE course to MSMEs in their respective communities. MSMEs gained access to tailored digital literacy training to support online transition, covering developing online business plans, migrating business processes through e-commerce platforms, as well as digital rights and security.


The overall objective is to enable the facilitators to learn relevant information related to digital rights as well as practical information such as digital literacy and transitioning micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) online so they can provide guidance to local MSMEs and civil society members to better understand these concepts and explore potential new economic opportunities that digital transformation can provide. The role of a facilitator is to shepherd a learning experience for MSME learners where they can generate knowledge content on their own with the help of the space, flow, tools, and resources.


Additionally, upon completion of the ToF, facilitators joined a list of certified facilitators for referral to interested organizations and agencies.

Key Objectives of CIPE’s MSME Digital Literacy Program:

  • Train facilitators in understanding the HPDE course content and how to effectively serve as a facilitator for the HPDE course by supporting MSMEs learning and application of course content, while MSMEs take the self-paced course. Support facilitators to customize the HPDE course further in response to their community needs, and design and develop customized training plans.

  • Improve MSMEs’ understanding of digital tools and platforms, managing an online business, e-commerce, digital security, and digital marketing.

  • Cultivate a pool of local facilitators to support local private sector and civil society in understanding the digital economy and digital rights.

  • Organize and Facilitate a Digital Literacy Program for MSMEs in One’s Community

    •  Following the ToF sessions, facilitators are required to organize and provide a learning opportunity within their community of MSMEs where they will serve as a facilitator in rolling out the HPDE training. In this role, facilitators will work closely with MSMEs in their community and support their learning and application of course content while MSME participants undertake the self-paced course. Facilitators must implement their training plan by March 2024

This opportunity is made possible by the funding of the United States State Department Bureau of Democracy and Human Rights and Labor (DRL).

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