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Online Haus Buk is a safe virtual space for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs in Papua New Guinea to access credible information and resources pertaining to government policies and business advice. Below are the list of topics we offer. If there are additional resources you would like to see here, please give us your feedback at the bottom of this page.



This section contains information and links to resources on existing GoPNG policies that support businesses.

Information and resources about GoPNG's response to COVID-19, including stimulus plans and changes to policies, among others.

News, programs, and policies related to the PNG Treasury.

Information about Bank of PNG programs and policies.

Information specific to SME policies.

Information and news related to forgiveness programs promoted by the GoPNG.

Open For Business


This section contains information and links to resources that relate to business operation and helpful business skills.

Information and resources relating to starting and registering a business.

Resources about business skills, including pointers for successfully operating a business.

non-financial aid or support for businesses

Coming soon

Information on the different types of non-financial support available to businesses.

Important rules and regulations that apply to businesses and relating updates/news.



This section contains information relating to finance in business operation and management, including loans and financial assistance.

Resources relating to financing your business, financial assistance or support available to businesses, including government loans, SME loans, etc.

Accounting Documents

Tax and Accounting

This section contains information relating to tax and accounting such as important deadlines, changes to policies, and other relevant information.

Covid 19


This section contains information related to COVID-19, including news, data, current events, and medical care.

Information about COVID-19 specific to PNG, including data and news.

General information and news about COVID-19.

covid-19 healthcare


Information about COVID-19 related healthcare, including testing sites, vaccines and vaccine sites, and medical care.

Information about COVID-19 impact on your businesses.



This section contains updated newsletters released by the WBRC's partners and the business community.

Newsletters from CIPE and WBRC partners.

Newsletters and updates from FemiliPNG, an NGO based in Lae and Port Moresby that runs Case Management Centres to assist survivors of family and sexual violence to access the services they need.

Newsletters released by the Investment Promotion Authority.

Exercise Group

Additional Resources

This section contains information and resources on various topics including mental health, self-care and wellness, and survivor support.

Resources for survivors of domestic violence, gender-based violence, and abuse.

mental health

Coming soon

Resources and information relating to mental health.

physical health

Coming soon

Information about achieving and maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle.

Resources, tools, and games relating to women's empowerment.

Resources relating to Development in PNG.

Resources relating to Financial Inclusion.

Resources relating to Sovereign Wealth.

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